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Northern Minnesota lake with sun glowing on the trees

Live On Minnesota

Imagine a future where Minnesotans can have a net positive impact on the environment in their death

Live On Minnesota is aiming to be the first homegrown provider of Natural Organic Reduction (NOR) in the state of Minnesota. NOR, also known as "human composting," is a green alternative to cremation and conventional burial. This novel approach to what we do with our bodies after life transforms the body into nutrient rich compost creating the unique opportunity to bring new life through death.

Picture of white male with glasses in maroon t-shirt. Says Erik Halaas, Live On Minnesota

Turning a new leaf

A 2023 MN Cup Finalist and current Finnovation Fellow, Erik Halaas is exploring what it would take to help Minnesotans live beyond their years - as a towering red pine, a flourishing private garden, or a part of a broader effort to revitalize green spaces throughout our beautiful state. 

Follow Erik on his journey, learn all about Natural Organic Reduction, and see how we can work collectively to turn over a new leaf in death care right here in Minnesota. 

Circle sticker that says "Future Compost" Live On Minnesota

Join our journey!

Join our journey to bring NOR to MN and become future compost!

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